"A real tour de force" Yorick - Weekly Theater Magazine, Romania

"Brown delivers a brilliant performance" Adelaide Theatre Guide

"Phenomenal performance" Shakespeare Daily, Gdasnk Shakespeare Festival, Poland

Experience an intense hour with William Shakespeare's sometime hero

- and the King to whom EngLand always turns in times of crisis -

in this powerful and direct solo interpretation of Henry V. 

Performed by Brett Brown

Directed by Philip Parr

featuring music written by the historical Henry V

adapted from Shakespeare's Henry IV parts 1 & 2; Henry V; Henry VI part 1

From a roguish youth, to a stately coronation, to a warrior king who triumphs at the battle of Agincourt, this is Shakespeare's hero king - but not as you've seen him before.

Shakespeare's play has never been more relevant, as we question the motivations and actions of our global leaders.


Brett has performed his internationally acclaimed Henry V [Man and Monrach] at the

Gyula Shakespeare Festival, Hungary: Kamaraterem

Ostrava Shakespeare Festival, Czech Republic: Cooltour

Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival, Poland: Teatr w Oknie

Churchill Theatre, Bromley UK

Holden Street Theatres, Adelaide Australia

York International Shakespeare Festival, UK: York Theatre Royal

Itaka Shakespeare Festival, Serbia: Villa Stanković

International Shakespeare Festival Craiova, Romania: Marin Sorescu National Theater

FEST(in) pe Bulevard festival, Bucharest Romania: Nottara Theater

Midsummer Scene Dubrovnik, Croatia: Palača Sponza

Further international performances to be announced.

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