a world premiere

 by Pam Gems, featuring music by Richard Wagner

Brett is developingthe world premiere of WINTERLOVE - a new play by Pam Gems,

featuring music by Richard Wagner played and sung live on stage.


Brett has been involved in this play from its conception,

giving its first public reading at London's Drill Hall

for Pam Gems before her death in 2011.


Recently, Brett has been instrumental in gathering an exceptional creative team

to bring this beautiful play to production. 


The creative team includes:


Director Sue Dunderdale 

Award winning Music Director Simon Slater

Academy Award winning Designer Alexandra Byrne

Olivier nominated producer Trish Wadley

WINTERLOVE tells the story of Ludwig II of Bavaria who wants to wage peace instead of war, and Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria) who longs to escape the confines of a loveless marriage. Together they celebrate the sensuality of platonic love, delighting in music, creativity and art, rather than war and destruction. 

Isolated against the backdrop of Prussia’s imperial ambitions, the couple move towards the final dreadful decision that Ludwig is compelled to make,

despite Sissi’s attempts to save his life...


a new solo production

Following the international success of Henry V [Man and Monarch], Brett is once again collaborating with director Philip Parr

to create a new solo adaptation of William Shakespeare's

Troilus and Cressida. 

"In Troy, there lies the scene. From isles of Greece
The princes orgulous, their high blood chafed,
Have to the port of Athens sent their ships,
Fraught with the ministers and instruments
Of cruel war... and their vow is made
To ransack Troy."


Against the bloodshed and poetry of Shakespeare's Trojan War

this new production will feature cabaret songs from Weimar Germany and the Hollywood Golden Age. 

Premiere 2019.